A Brief Introduction to Shared Hosting

When you have created your website, you need to have a place to actually “put” it. You say that you have it on your computer, so why can’t people come and see it! Well, you need to have an actual address and, of course, that is the URL for your page. You establish that with a web hosting company and they have several different ways that they will offer you to ‘host’ that URL: Shared, VPS or dedicated server. The differences are that as you go up the line from shared to dedicated, the price, security, and the ability to do more with your hosting account goes up as well. Shared hosting  is the first of the packages that every web hosting company offers. The servers are electronic banks of computers that have all of the files that go into making your site and many other people’s sites work. They are all on the same server as you and this is the basic, least expensive way to go when hosting your pages.

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